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Red Box Results Issue

We are currently experiencing trouble with the Redbox movie service. Movies with punctuation in them are currently throwing an error and not returning any results. This is most likely due to security restrictions on their end to prevent unwanted requests. Additionally, they recently changed their service without notification which broke some other functionality regarding title searches and movie results may not display properly.

We are working hard to fix this issue and get an update out to your devices soon in the coming weeks.

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Movie Poster Resolution Issue

The service we use to obtain movie posters has abruptly stopped serving larger posters without notice. As such, thumbnails may look grainer and more pixelated than normal. This is due to our provider shrinking the size of the images we were using, which are now being scaled up, which is causing the fuzzy images. Additionally, enlarging any poster from the movie details screen will result in a postage stamp sized image and not the detail poster you’re expecting.

We are currently working on addressing this issue and hope to have an updated version pushed out for both Android and iPhone in the coming weeks.

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Where Will You Watch Your Next Movie?

Where will you watch your next movie?

Where will you watch your next movie?

Have you ever tried to decide what movie to watch only to find yourself flipping between Redbox, Netflix and iTunes? Those are now the days of the past. Introducing Watch Where © by MoeJoe, LLC. Watch Where polls the most popular movie sites and tells you which movies are available on what platforms.

Reserve your movie on Redbox, add it to your Netflix queue, watch it on iTunes, or quickly rent from our other platforms with the click of a button. It’s that simple!

We also pull in popular ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, so no more flipping back and forth from those sites to see how well your movie ranks…its now all on one screen!

Watch Where also will highlight movies that are available on Amazon Prime, so if you have a membership you’re in good company! The app will also list the price of each vendor, so you can make your decision bases on price and availability. Here’s a tip…Redbox is the cheapest! Select that platform and we’ll get the 10 closest locations to your current location.

So what are you waiting for?

Where will you watch your next movie?

Get it on Google Play

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Applebee’s Locator App Now in Apple App Store

We are pleased to announce that our Applebee’s Locator (Find Appleb’s) is now available in the Apple App Store. Download this app to your iPhone to find your nearest Applebee’s neighborhood location. Toggle between stores that offer Carside ToGO and directly call the store to place your order for pickup.

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